About us

The purpose of Minimarisk is to promote knowledge, critical reflection and dialogue in the field of Personal Resilience and Risk Management. Firstly, Minimarisk pursues the objectives of popularizing the content related to international best practice standards in the field of personal resilience. Secondly, Minimarisk focuses on raising awareness concerning the importance of best practices and standards in the wide field of Risk Management.

Monte Ghiridone, Lake Maggiore Ticino.

We have often been asked about the meaning of the photograph chosen for Minimarisk. Well, it is the Mount Ghiridone (also called Mount Limidario). The highest mountain of Lake Maggiore. It is a mountain that accompanies us during the day. A natural obstacle with risks to access it, but also with huge rewards, especially for its view from the top. In the background in the centre there is the delta of the Maggia River, with Ascona and Locarno in the background. Our office in Ticino is on the left, after Locarno, in Minusio. Enjoy this view.